Montana Gay Men’s Task Force – MpowerMT:

Stepping Up for Gay Men’s Health

Mission Statement:

MpowerMT is dedicated to helping the young (18 – 29) gay and bisexual men of Montana. Through peer interaction and stronger communities we believe we can better address ligitimate health concerns. By focusing on education from shared experiences, concerns and prior knowledge we believe that young gay and bisexual men can relate relevant preventative health care education to one another. We will create an open and re-affirming environment free for all young gay and bisexual men to visit. We will be responsible for arranging the annual Young Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health Retreat. By working directly under the Gay Men’s Task Force on Health we intend to specialize in the work they perform specific to young gay and bisexual men.

There are two ways to be involved with MpowerMT. Simply become a MpowerMT member and help with the planning of the Young Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health Retreat and help with formal and informal outreach. Or become a part of the Core group and do all that active MpowerMT members do and also facilitate the M-Groups in Missoula or your own community.

MpowerMT is modeled off the Mpowerment Project: The Mpowerment Project


M-groups are peer-led, one-time meetings of 6 – 10 young (18 – 29) gay and/or bisexual men. The groups last from 2 – 3 hours and are held in a safe space or convenient location for young men. The M-group focuses on factors identified in research as contributing to unsafe sex among young gay and bisexual men.

M-groups help participants:

  • Clear up misconceptions about safer sex
  • Increase the enjoyment of safer sex
  • Build communication skills for negotiating safer sex
  • Address interpersonal issues that may interfere with safer sex
  • Learn how to support their friends to have safer sex